Politicians and business leaders from around the world are in Russia for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), with Prime Minister Stephen Harper among them.

Harper had a one-on-one meeting with Vladimir Putin, and after the 55-minute meeting it was clear the two had sharp disagreement over the conflict in Syria.

Russia, which has a veto-vote, has blocked all efforts by the UN Security Council to sanction Syria.

This has prompted Harper, along with several other prominent leaders, to urge Putin to be less obstructive.

Harper has also been meeting with business leaders, looking to expand and increase new business in Asia.

“Harper has said that one of the major economic priorities of his government is to look east toward Asia for new business opportunities and trade opportunities, as the economies in Europe and the United States continue to struggle,” said a Canadian Press reporter.

Meanwhile, China and Russia have been using the summit to sound the alarm on the state of the global economy. They have been urging Asian-Pacific countries to protect themselves by forging deeper regional economic ties.