TORONTO, Ont. – The Toronto International Film Festival has come to a close, with the awards being handed out at a star-packed awards brunch on Sunday.

Winning the Canadian Short Film Award was the movie ‘Keep a Modest Head’, which outlines the life of Jean Benoît, the last official member of the French Surrealist group.

The Skyy Vodka Award for Best Canadian First Feature ended in a tie between the films Antiviral and Blackbird. Antiviral explores a chilling vision of a dystopian future while Blackbird looks at school bullying and violence.

The City of Toronto Award for best Canadian feature film went to Laurence Anyways, which explores the life of a young bohemian couple.

The International Critics’ Prize (FIPRESCI Prize) went to Call Girl, which explores a prostitution scandal in Sweden.

As far as the People’s Choice Awards, Seven Psychopaths won the award for Midnight Madness film. The film explores the life of a screenwriter struggling to write a piece about serial killers.

Winning the People’s Choice Award for best documentary was Artifact, which looks at the modern music business.

And the People’s Choice Award for best film? Silver Linings Playbook, which deals with a man who attempts to reconcile with his ex-wife after a stint in a mental institution.