Autumn arrived 10: 49 Saturday morning.

With the change in season, the sun will now rise later, with nightfall arriving earlier — meaning that the days will now be getting shorter.

But even though summer is over, many people will be going away this season.

According to a BMO survey, over half of Canadians are planning a vacation this fall and 29% will be travelling out of the country.  The top US destinations are Florida, New York and Nevada.  Meanwhile, Mexico, France and Cuba are the international favourites.

Most people 1310News spoke with said they are staying in Ottawa this season.  Some said they cannot afford it or cannot take time off work. 

“We own a cottage and spend our time there.  It is amazing for the kids.  The love playing outside and seeing the leaves change colours,” said one mom.

Other people tell 1310News they are waiting until the winter to go on a sunny vacation.  Florida and Jamaica were the popular choices.