OTTAWA, Ont. – One man is dead, another is in custody in Ottawa’s seventh murder of the year.

Officers were called to a three-storey apartment building at 1189 Meadlowlands, near Fisher, around 3:30 a.m. Thursday.

Police sources have said the victim, believed to be a university student from outside of Canada, was found with slash wounds to his face and neck.The suspect, thought to be the victim’s roommate, was treated for minor injuries in hospital before being taken into police custody.

“There’s a party apartment up there,” one neighbour told 1310News. “There is a group of kids, some looking young enough to be in high school, and there’s been a lot of activity over the summer…a lot of parties.”

“I’m surprised by the news,” another neighbour said. “There are a lot of students and young couples in the area.  I think it’s a pretty good neighbourhood.”