Ottawa, ON – LCBO workers in Ottawa held an information picket outside the store in Westboro on Monday morning, calling on the crown corporation to extend full-time pay and benefits.

Employees in the capital and in Kingston held the picket on the 64th anniversary of the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights because they said the LCBO needs to offer equal pay for equal work.

“Well it’s tough because … you’ll be standing next to a person who’s making possibly eight to ten dollars more an hour than you are, and you’re doing the exact same job as they are,” said employee Adam Ly.

Ly said he knows some employees that have worked at the company for 20 years and he said they are stuck in the same position as when they were hired.

Employees at the picket said they’d like a new Ontario law to ensure employers pay part-time workers the same hourly rate as full-time workers doing the same job.