The reaction on social media has been predominantly positive, with Facebook and Twitter filled with messages of support for the Newtown community.

Some have called for stricter gun-control laws and improved mental health treatment, while others have expressed their disgust with the shooter.

If you see people wearing green and white ribbons, it’s because those are the colours of Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Meanwhile, Rogers Stations nation wide are participating in a social media initiative called “Hug Your Kid Today”.

Also being shared on social media is a story about 26 moments this year that restored our faith in humanity.

On Sunday night, many watched U.S. President Barack Obama pay tribute to the victims of the shooting. Shockingly, there were many complaints on Twitter that followed the Sunday night football game being interrupted for Obama’s speech.

A representative for Morgan Freeman, meanwhile, has denied that the veteran actor released a statement slamming the media for sensationalizing the Connecticut school massacre.

The alleged statement read, “It’s because of the way the media reports it. Turn on the news and see how we treat the Batman theatre shooter and Oregon mall shooter like celebrities.”