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Ontario elementary schools show moderate improvement in Fraser report card

The average elementary school in the Ottawa area showed only moderate improvement this year, according to the latest rankings by the Fraser Institute.

The Fraser Institute Report uses nine academic factors based on the province’s standardized EQAO test scores to rate 2,714 public, Catholic, and francophone elementary schools in Ontario.

For a full list of rankings click here.

Ottawa’s Abraar Private School tied for 41st place in the province, ranking them in the top 2 percent.

They scored an impressive 9.4 out of 10- well above the province-wide average of 6.0.

Ottawa Carlton District Schools were just barely above the provincial average with 6.1, and Ottawa Catholic District elementary schools a bit higher still with 6.6 out of ten.

“This is why the Fraser Institute school report card is the go-to source for measuring academic improvement: it highlights school success stories from Murillo in the west to Cornwall in the east and from Timmins in the north to Windsor in the south,” said Peter Cowley, Fraser Institute Director of School Performance Studies.

The Fraser institute says their report helps parents and educators prioritize learning challenges in their schools.

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