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1310News’ showbiz editor and film critic team up to look at Oscar favourites

Nine films have been nominated for best picture at the Oscars, however much of the field will not realistically be in the running, according to 1310News film critic Leslie James.

“It really boils down to two movies, it’s either Argo, which seems to have some momentum behind it, but I really want to see Lincoln win, because I think it is the superior cinematic experience,” James said.

Usually best picture and best director go hand-in-hand, according to showbiz editor Gloria Martin.

“Steven Spielberg is nominated in both categories for Lincoln, but Ben Affleck did not get nominated for best director for Argo,” Martin said.

“You never know, they could split it, best movie Argo, best director Steven Spielberg, but I don’t think so,” James said.

As far as best actress is concerned, it could go several ways.

“Jessica Chastain, Zero Dark Thirty, I think she’s phenomenal in it, very focused performance,” James said.

“But Jennifer Lawrence also delivers in Silver Linings Playbook,” countered Martin.

When it comes to the Oscar for best actor, Daniel Day-Lewis is considered the odds-on favourite.

“Daniel-Day Lewis, there is no way that he cannot win best actor for Lincoln, phenomenal performance,” James said.

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