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School board happy with high school teachers announcement

Local school board officials say they’re pleased to hear that some high school teachers will be returning to after-school activities.

During the bitter dispute between teachers and the government, one Ottawa-Carleton District School Board trustee was worried parents would turn their kids over to the Catholic board.

“When push comes to shove, if the labour dispute is not largely resolved by the incoming school year, I suspect we will see some families leave,” said John Shea, Trustee for Orleans-Cumberland.

But he called the union’s latest announcement a gesture of good will and says he thinks it can restore parents’ confidence in the public system.

“We think it’s definitely a good sign,” Dr. Jennifer Adams, Director of Education told 1310News. “We’re very hopeful that with the announcement…that many of our teaching staff and support staff will come back to giving up their time as they have in the past.”

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