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Disturbing details into Sen. Brazeau assault released

OTTAWA, Ont. – Senator Patrick Brazeau has pleaded not guilty, as some disturbing details of the charges he faces have been released.

Brazeau is facing assault and sexual assault charges and, according to police documents, the youngest senator in our country allegedly tried to strangle his victim and threw her down the stairs.

The Montreal newspaper La Presse has obtained the reports that outline the violent ordeal.

It allegedly all began with an argument over indigenous issues. That’s when the victim claims he became aggressive, striking her in the arm several times, then spitting in her face before trying to strangle her.

She says she was then sexually assaulted and thrown down the stairs.

Police received two 911 calls about the incident, the first was at 9:04 a.m. when officers could only hear crying on the other end. Minutes later, in a second call, the victim identified Brazeau as her assailant.

Police quickly made their way to the home where the call came from and found Brazeau locked in a room.

After obtaining a search warrant, the documents show officers found a bra, a shirt and a trouser button that may have been torn off in the altercation. Those items could be used as evidence in the case.

Brazeau entered a not guilty plea to the charges, Tuesday afternoon. Brazeau is currently out on bail and suspended from the Senate with pay.

None of the allegations have been proven in court. Brazeau’s next appearance before a judge is on March  22, 2013.

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