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Anti-gay flyers violated hate law: SCOC

OTTAWA – The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that a Saskatchewan anti-gay crusader violated human rights rules when he distributed pamphlets denouncing homosexuals.

In a unanimous, 6-0 decision, the court found that two of the four flyers distributed by William Whatcott in 2000 and 2001 violated Saskatchewan’s Human Rights Code.

Those flyers referred to gay men as sodomites and pedophiles.

But the court struck down some language in the provincial code, clearing Whatcott of any wrongdoing in connection with two other flyers.

Whatcott produced and distributed leaflets containing inflammatory statements about gay men, prompting complaints to the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission.

A human rights tribunal ruled that Whatcott violated the province’s human-rights code _ but that finding was overturned by the Saskatchewan appeal court.

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