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Students wear pink to stand up against bullying

OTTAWA, Ont. – Students across the capital are wearing pink Wednesday to stand up against bullying.

“Pink Shirt Day” is being observed across our region, as students wear pink, attend assemblies, and talk about how bullying has affected their lives.

Some schools have full agendas planned for the day.

“They’ll be some face painting in the morning and everyone is encouraged to wear pink,” said Ridgemont High Principal Richard King. “We have special teachers that were designed and created by our art students.”

He adds that “Pink Shirt Day” is about more than just one day.

“Everyone is entitled to feel comfortable and feel safe, which is ultimately the goal, not only of our school, but of society,” Richard said.

“Pink Shirt Day” has exploded across Canada since it was started by two high school students in Nova Scotia in 2007.

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