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Last Updated Oct 5, 2016 at 8:44 am EDT

Despite the political promises and the resulting uncertainty and the instant expertise of every citizen with an agenda, drugs as understood by most people are still illegal. The simplest possession conviction can still result in a criminal record with all of the negative implications of that in the job search market, international travel and social settings. As I always have told clients, if two individuals equally qualified for a job are in competition, the one without the criminal record will almost invariably be favoured even though the conviction was only for possession.

A recent American government spokesman confirmed a CBC story that the admission alone of indulging even one time if admitted could result in the exclusion of a Canadian from entering the US for life, ridiculous as that sounds when several states have legalized the fruits of mother nature. The story went so far as to say that PM Trudeau could come to the US on a diplomatic passport but citizen Trudeau could be refused with the admission of some peripheral involvement with the demon weed in the distant past.

Too often the police will invade a party where someone is indulging and arrest everyone there and charge them with the thought that the court can sort out the situation at trial or when the guilty party often offers the plea to free the others of consequences.

Whether recreational use of the milder drugs may become legal, the courts will always remain steadfast against the harder drugs. With the plague of fentanyl capturing headlines as it destroys lives, the mere possession of such drugs often calls for significant prison sentences. Judge Lebel in North Bay used to refer to oxycodone as the plague of the city only to have it basically removed but replaced with the even worse plague of fentanyl.
Despite the prevalence of these charges, defences and submissions properly composed where necessitated can be of assistance in ameliorating the sentence or even in some carefully crafted instances obtain a non criminal disposition. If confronted with these charges, we can help.

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