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Last Updated Oct 19, 2016 at 1:03 pm EDT

We all know the experience. Suddenly those flashing red lights appear in the rear view mirror. The immediate question arises as to whether they are flashing only for me. The stomach churns. The heart rate elevates. The hands tighten on the wheel. We pull over and begin to think. Where are those insurance papers? What will this do to my insurance? How bad is it? Could this possibly lose me my license?

Highway issues are certainly the most common instances to put the average person in touch with the justice system. The impact of traffic offences can be severe and ongoing. If a license is lost or even suspended, a job can be impacted or lost, insurance can be rendered exorbitant and whole families can be compromised. The law is constantly evolving to attempt to keep up with the evolution of technology as texting and phoning have been added in recent years as offences for drivers.

Officers have the largest discretion as to what to assess an offending driver in many instances. Drivers who have been caught speeding have at times not been punished for the specific offence because the driver passed what has been described as the roadside test. An aggressive, offended or sarcastic response almost automatically rescinds the possibility of a reduction for example of a speeding ticket to an amount that might not result in the loss of points. On the other hand, a polite and cooperative attitude with no attempt to deflect responsibility can at times appeal to the same officer to exercise some latitude as to whether the recorded speed makes its way onto the ticket or not.

Careless driving is almost invariably laid at the scene of an accident. That does not mean that it would be the only possible offence that would cover the facts of any particular case. Often if the individual has an otherwise good record and the result was not a serious accident with injury, the proper offence could be categorized as following too close, failing to share the road or an unsafe lane change. All of these would not impact the driver`s insurance going forward to the same extent as a careless conviction but still would result in a finding of guilt which in many instances would satisfy the prosecution.

Traffic matters should always be taken seriously. They can result in severe fines, and imprisonment. Driving with no insurance, for example, on a first conviction alone results in a fine of a minimum of $5000. Driving under suspension on a second offence almost invariably will attract a jail term. In addition, further suspensions will result with all their concomitant consequences.

Never take these charges lightly. Though not technically criminal offences, you need the professional to assist you to properly respond to what can be the serious repercussions of being found guilty to these matters.

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