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Uber still investigating urine on car seats

he Uber logo is seen in front of protesting taxi drivers. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Ryan Remiorz

OTTAWA – Uber is facing another controversy after charging four Ottawa women for urinating in the back of cars.

One of the accused, Danielle Hanna denies this ever happened.

She was taking an Uber ride home from a bar on Elgin St. after watching the Ottawa Senators get eliminated from the playoffs last season, and tells the Karter and Sandra Show on Kiss 105.3, the next morning she received an e-mail with charges for urinating on the back seat.

“When I asked for proof and they sent me pictures, they sent me a picture of a stained seat, and the seat was stained on the back of the seat, on the seat, everywhere,” says Hanna.

According to the CBC, Hanna is one of three other women who are facing the same charges, all of which originate from different Uber drivers.

In all four cases, the women being accused maintain they did not do it.

Uber’s terms and conditions outline that passengers are responsible damages they cause to the vehicle, and in this case, are billed for the cleaning fees.

The company says it is still looking into these claims, and it has provided full refunds for the women charged in these cases.

It adds that drivers must submit photos of the damage shortly after the ride and a description of what happened.

The Uber 24-7 customer service team is expected to review each claim.

The company recommends that riders report issues through the app so that it can investigate each matter.

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