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Labour council wants city to acknowledge LRT problems

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OTTAWA – Workers on Ottawa’s light rail transit project are demanding safer conditions.

Seven sets of minutes from the project’s joint health and safety committee show injuries, near misses and safety concerns expressed by workers.

Ottawa District Labour Council President Sean McKenny says Mayor Jim Watson, a general contractor and the Minister of Labour have all visited construction site recently, and only commented that things are looking great.

“Records are indicating that perhaps that’s not so,” says McKenny.

“Perhaps there are things that are taking place here, and there needs to be much better record of safety provided for those folks that are down in that tunnel,” he adds.

McKenny says some issues they have dealt with over the last six months include a lack of clean washrooms, and being short-staffed after someone cuts themselves with a saw or falls.

He would simply like city officials to acknowledge what is happening and work to make the environment on the project safer.

The council president thinks government officials are simply in a rush to see the job completed.

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