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Data collection could lead to a cleaner Ottawa River

Last Updated Aug 22, 2017 at 7:32 am EDT

Ottawa River Keeper Meredith Brown speaks on a ferry boat along the Ottawa River, August 21, 2017. (Photo/ Mike Vlasveld 1310NEWS)

OTTAWA — The Ottawa River Keeper wants to be able to tell you about the state of the watershed, backed by scientific facts.

It says, generally, the river’s health has been improving over the years.

“We were in the height of pollution in the 1960’s, maybe even early 70’s, when all the municipalities dumped their sewage into the river untreated, we ran all the logs down the river, there were pulp mills, completely unregulated, dumping their waste,” describes River Keeper Meredith Brown.

However, she adds that the body of water is not in the clear by any means, as there are still chemicals, sewage, and nuclear waste concerns.

The group is working to form a watershed council, along with a health committee of scientists and water experts to collect data and inform that council.

The goal is to identify the greatest challenges facing the river.

That way, the Ottawa River Keeper can tell governments where money needs to be spent, and have concrete numbers to back up their claims.

Brown hopes to be able to say more about the state of the river in about a year.

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