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John Stall

Soldiers from the 1st Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment Battle Group, during a Remembrance Day ceremony held at the Battle Group headquarters in Kandahar, Afghanistan
Welcome home Canadian Armed Forces

Imagine looking over your shoulder every minute of your waking life for the last eight months, in a high state of alert and anxiety against a possible threat to your or your family’s life.

John Stall

Doug Holyday and Tim Hudak
Hello Doug, goodbye Tim

In a nutshell, the byelection results were good news for NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, okay news for the premier, but bad news for Tory Leader Tim Hudak’s Conservatives.

John Stall

Doug Holyday
More in play than at stake in today’s byelections

Given the size of the Liberal minority at Queen’s Park, the results of today’s byelections can’t change the balance of power.

John Stall

John Stall and Bob Rae
Opinion: Ambassador Bob Rae?

As Bob Rae bows out for second time, he says he will let history judge his political contribution.

John Stall

Dalton McGuinty
Blog: McGuinty is moving on

It shouldn’t come as a great surprise that Dalton McGuinty resigned his Ottawa South MPP seat , Wednesday.

John Stall

Harder now for co-author of budget to kill it

Anything can happen between now and the day the budget bill comes up for approval in the legislature, but it seems at this hour, based on what NDP leader Horwath has said, that the Liberal government will survive at least a year rather than be given campaign walking papers by the NDP.

John Stall

File photo of Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath
Ontario budget preview: How do you say “no” to “yes”?

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath faces one of the most pivotal decisions of her political life once the provincial budget is tabled later today.

Could Sandy’s vote decide the U.S. presidential election?

The dynamic has changed just one week before the U.S. presidential election.

Big Bird, binders and bayonet/battleships

In his latest blog entry, political affairs specialist John Stall shares his views on the three U.S. presidential debates.

CFIA expands list of affected beef products contaminated with E.coli

OTTAWA – The Canadian Food Inspection Agency expanded its list of possibly contaminated beef products Tuesday which came from an Alberta plant. The list of new products can be seen here. The CFIA has made the list of stores and products affected by the potential E.coli contamination so long that consumers are now advised to

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