No fly list released, despite government concerns
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No fly list released, despite government concerns

Simply knowing someone suspected of terrorist activities could land you on Canada’s no-fly list.

That’s according to an internal document the federal government tried to keep secret for years.

The Transport Canada document says a person “who directly associates with” an alleged extremist might be added to the no-fly roster.

The no-fly list, which came into effect in June 2007, is intended to prevent people considered a threat to airline security from getting on a flight taking off in, or heading to, Canada.

The government says candidates for the list are assessed case-by-case, but the precise criteria for inclusion have long been a mystery.

Transport Canada recently released the draft internal document.

The Canadian Press obtained the one-page memo under the Access to Information Act.

Transport Canada did not reply to questions about why the material was kept under wraps for years.

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