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Two investigations underway in jail cell birth

OTTAWA, Ont. – Two investigations are underway and a nurse is suspended from the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre over the cell block birth of little Gionni Lee Garlow.

His mother, Julie Bilotta claims her cries for help were ignored last September – when she gave birth to Gionni on the floor of her cell. Bilotta was in jail on charges of drug trafficking and fraud.

The nurse who is accused of ignoring her and then tending to her after the birth has been suspended.

Now the Ontario College of Nurses, as well as the Ministry of Correctional Services, are both conducting investigations.

The details of both studies will go to the Ombudsman Office, which will determine if further investigation is required.

Meantime, Bilotta is scheduled to appear in a Cornwall courtroom Thursday for a judicial pretrial hearing. She has been living in a halfway house in Ottawa with her son Gionni since mid-October.

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