Financial concerns leading to mental health concerns according to survey
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Financial concerns leading to mental health concerns according to survey

A Leger Marketing survey for the Association of Canadian Studies shows a 12 per cent increase in the number of Canadians concerned about their financial well being.

38.5 per cent are worried about their job security. In Ontario, that number rises to 44 per cent.    Executive Director of the Association, Jack Jedwab tells 1310News, there are a number of reasons.  “I think in part it may be linked to the manufacturing sector and I think the general economic mood is a source of concern.  The cost of living is probably disproportionately higher in Ontario relative to other parts of the country”.

Job security and making ends meet is also weighing heavily on the minds of new Canadians.     Close to 40 per cent of immigrants in Canada for 5 years or less are anxious about retaining their job.     Jedwab tells 1310News, that number doesn’t move much for those who have been here longer.  “Even the group that’s been here 11 to 20 years, there’s a fair bit of job insecurity”.

The long term impact may be to our mental health.    Jedwab tells 1310News he was struck by the corrolation between people’s self assessment of their mental health and their ability to pay the bills.   “Mental health issues can be significant and they can have a big cost to society. I think there needs to be some consideration to how we address those issues”.

The results will be discussed at the Metropolis Conference on immigration issues opening in Ottawa on Thursday.

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