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Ontario says no to Kettle Island bridge

OTTAWA – The provincial government has taken a stand against a proposed $1 billion interprovincial bridge over Kettle Island.

At a Monday news conference, Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Glen Murray said Ontario will not support a bridge over Kettle Island.

“A bridge at this location raises concerns due to the large number of trucks that would travel through established residential communities,” Murray said in a written statement. “In addition, provincial highways that would serve the Kettle Island Bridge are not able to accommodate the expected volume of traffic.”

Murray will meet with Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson Tuesday to discuss solutions to Ottawa transport traffic in the downtown core.

One idea being floated around by the Ottawa Riverkeeper is a possible tunnel under the river. Executive Director Meredith Brown told 1310News it would likely be more expensive, but better for the environment.

“The bridge will not only have environmental impacts, but will really make access to the river trickier in places where the bridge goes,” She said. “It’s just a matter of how much money they want to spend.

“They put tunnels under the river for pipelines,” she added. “They could put tunnels for traffic.”

Kettle Island has been identified by an NCC study as the preferred option for any interprovincial bridge between Ottawa and Gatineau. The Kettle Island route would have connected the north end of the Aviation Parkway with Montée Paiement.

Liberal MPPs in the area around the Ottawa end of the bridge have been opposed to the Kettle Island route, as well as several city councillors and local residents’ groups.

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Gilles Bourke

Almost since I’ve lived in the Ottawa/Gatineau region I have found the current traffic situation between 2 major highways, 2 major cities and the 2 provinces to be the most ridiculous I have ever seen in my life with no other option but to cross downtown Ottawa for 18 wheelers and everyone else. I have always believed that a tunnel from Nicholas/417 to the 5/50 was a perfect solution. FINALLY someone at city hall has opened their mind to a perfect solution for a horrible traffic problem.

June 18, 2013 at 9:33 am