Students head on Arctic expedition
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Students head on Arctic expedition

OTTAWA — Five Ottawa teenagers are going on the trip of a lifetime.

The five are among 87 high school students from around the world who are about to spend two weeks exploring canada’s far North and part of Greenland.

The students are between the ages of 14 and 18, and will learn about canada’s far north — and the entire planet.

Josee’s in grade 10 at Rideau High School and is considering studying Climatology.

“I kind of get really emotional when I start thinking about how our generation is going to start to see the effects that older generations had on us,” says Josee.

“I kind of think of it right now like trying to clean a mansion with a cotton swab.”

Climate change is part of the curriculum, but the students also learn about the history and geography of the arctic.

“Whales are going to turn up on starbird side, we’ll go play with whales, there will be ice to contend with, said Geoff Green, Students on Ice Founder.”

They will also have the opportunity to do hands-on research with the 45 experts and scientists coming with them.

Saturday morning, the students catch a flight to Northern Quebec, then take a ship across the Arctic to Greenland.

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