Shrine Circus sets up its big top at RA Centre
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Shrine Circus sets up its big top at RA Centre

OTTAWA — The popcorn, the sawdust, the big top: the Shrine Circus Spectac is all set up at the RA Centre for a weekend of thrills.

But among the crowds will also be animal activitists from the capital and surrounding areas, unhappy with the techniques they say are used on performing animals.

The circus features a number of well known performers, including the world famous Wallendas to the Zerbini Family and its 253 years of circus entertainment experience.

Ring Master Richard Curtis says they’ve created a feast for the senses and a show that’ll thrill the kid in everyone.

“When you walk into a European big top like we have here at the RA Centre, it really takes you back. You walk in, I mean, the main poles are 20 metres, big swooping sides, colourful canvas. You walk in and it’s sensory overload. Sight, sound and smell, we create and environment that is conducive to having fun.”

Curtis adds an engineer is on-site when the tent goes up and they meet all standards in the province for animal care for the horses and elephants — ensuring the eye-popping show is a safe one.

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