Rare May heat wave loosens grip on Ottawa
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Rare May heat wave loosens grip on Ottawa

Last Updated May 30, 2016 at 7:57 am EST

OTTAWA — The first May heat wave in the capital in more than 100 years appears to be ending, but the week begins with another hot day.

1310 NEWS Meteorologist Jill Taylor’s Guaranteed High for Monday is 29 degrees; still well above seasonal but below the threshold for the official definition of a heat wave.

“Three consecutive days or of 32 degrees or more,” explained Taylor. It’s the first time a heat wave has occurred in May since 1911.

“There have been hotter days, when you look at individual days, but when you look at the stretch that we had from May 27th to the 29th, (it was) 32 degrees all three days,” Taylor said.

Temperature records were broken on two of those three days. May 27 saw a high of 32.3 degrees, breaking a record of 31.9. On May 29, a 33.2-degree high shattered a record of 31.7. Both previous records were set in 1978.

There was also a record set for Humidex; at 39.4, Sunday was the muggiest May 29 in Ottawa since record-keepers began tracking Humidex values in 1953.

This week is forecast to be less humid and after Monday, daytime high temperatures are forecast to be around the mid-20s.

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