Report recommends changes to snow clearing standards
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Report recommends changes to snow clearing standards

OTTAWA – A new report has recommended the city wait to clear snow until 10 centimetres have fallen, instead of the current threshold of 7 centimetres.

The measure would save the city $6 million annually, and some of that cash would be reinvested into snow clearing services.

“Every ward will have plows deployed at the same time,” said Keith Egli, Transportation Committee chair.

“We will have the ability to hire 20 new contractors, and that will get the job done more quickly.”

College Ward Councillor Rick Chiarelli told 1310 NEWS he is not happy with the proposed changes, and the lack of public consultation.

“If you remember the most recent winter – if you thought that was bad – this is going to be far worse,” said Chiarelli.

“To try and ram it through, right before Canada Day, is something that flies in the face of any kind of respect for tax payers.”

The report will go before the Transportation Committee on Wednesday, July 6.

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