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Mayor speaking against pop-up overdose prevention site

Last Updated Aug 30, 2017 at 7:26 am EDT

A pop-up supervised injection site tent set up on St. Patrick Street, in Raphael Brunet Park. (Photo courtesy: Overdose Prevention Ottawa)

OTTAWA – Mayor Jim Watson does not think Raphael Brunet Park in Lowertown should be the site of a pop-up supervised injection site.

According to Postmedia, he is not saying whether or not the city will boot Overdose Prevention Ottawa from the park, but he is hoping the injection service will soon move the Sandy Hill Community Health Centre.

The mayor says the centre has the legal authority to operate a secure injection site.

Overdose Prevention Ottawa set up an injection tent in the park last Friday.

Watson thinks it hurts the movement against overdose deaths when you have one facility that is federally licensed, and another group that just decides to open an unsanctioned pop-up facility on its own.

He says it’s also not fair to the neighbourhood, to have its community park taken over.

The Sandy Hill centre has allegedly reached out to Overdose Prevention Ottawa to offer its Nelson Street facility for supervised injections.

Watson says his first priority is to work toward an “amicable solution.”



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