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College students launch petition seeking tuition reimbursement


OTTAWA–An online student petition that seeks to reclaim tuition lost during the strike is racking up signatures.

The petition’s creators say the hit they’re absorbing during this contract dispute is more than just financial.

Greg Kung, a paramedic student at Humber College, co-authored the petition with fellow student Amir Allana.

“Students are an important third stakeholder in all of this,” said Kung. “They’re our next generation of tax-payers, they’re our next generation of contributing members of society.”

Kung and other students with practical placements as part of their courses are worried about what a protracted dispute will do to those “hands-on” learning opportunities.

“Due to the strike, our clinical placements and our ride-alongs with paramedic crews are on hold until an agreement can be made.”

The petition calls for all students to be reimbursed a portion of tuition lost for every day instructors are out on strike — $30 per day for each full-time student, and $20 for each part-time student.

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