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Draft police budget increases spending, adds officers

Last Updated Nov 8, 2017 at 9:29 am EDT

Tabling of 2018 draft budget Jason White

OTTAWA – The Ottawa Police Services Board has tabled its 2018 draft budget, which sets aside money to hire 25 new police officers.

That completes the plan to hire 75 total new officers over three years.

The total increase for 2018 is $8.5 million, with an operating budget of $294.3 million.

That adds up to a tax rate increase of about $12 per household — or 2 per cent.

Of the increased spending, $2 million is for more overtime, $1.5 million for WSIB/long-term disability insurance and $500,000 million for litigation claims.

The Ottawa Police Service expects to need another 90 police officers between 2019-2021, to maintain police-to-population ratio and address shortages from more long-term absences/accommodations.

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