Science and Technology Museum set to reopen after 80 million dollars in renovations
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Science and Technology Museum set to reopen after 80 million dollars in renovations

Photo - 1310's Adam Haga

OTTAWA – Three years since it closed in 2014 for emergency repairs and renovations, one of Ottawa’s most popular museums is ready to reopen its doors to the public.

After 80 million dollars was spent fixing up the facility on St. Laurent Boulevard, the public will get to see 11 new exhibitions starting on Friday.

The 11 exhibitions will focus on the present and future. There’s also a hallway called “Artifact Alley” which displays over 700 artifacts.

At the entrance, there’s a massive screen that wraps around the front doors and displays video on space to nature and everything in between.

Director General of The Science and Technology Museum Christina Tessier tells 1310 NEWS what visitors can expect from the museum going forward. “This is truly a state of the art, world class facility that will attract not just Canadians, but people from all over the world. There’s classics like the Crazy Kitchen and the Locomotive station, and new exhibits like “Sound by Design” and “Medical Sensations.”

Tessier says although it’s hard to estimate, they expect more than half a million visitors this year. “We put a lot of time, effort, and money into this place. A team of over 200 people made this happen and we’re defiantly expecting more than the 300,000 people we got before the museum closed.”

The front lawn where that famous red and white light house is sitting will be eventually turned into a park.

The Science and Technology Museum is also setting up a program to provide free tickets for people who can’t afford them. There’s also a new zone for kids eight and under called “ZOOOM” that’s almost fully interactive.

Augmented and virtual reality is also a new venture the museum is going into and they hope it’ll add to the experience.

The general public can check it all out starting this Friday.

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