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Identifying and removing barriers for sexual assault victims

OTTAWA — An Ottawa civilian panel will be taking a closer look at how police are handling sexual assault cases.

Executive Director at the Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre Sunny Marriner tells 1310 News that right now, only about 15% of reported cases result in charges.

She explains that this program is based off of one that was created almost 20 years ago in Philadelphia.

Front line service providers dealing with victims of sexual and domestic violence will review police files after they have gone through the investigation and clearance phases.

The panel is looking to identify any barriers that come up, in order to move more cases forward in the future.

“Certainly we know that not only in Canada, but globally that’s been widely discussed as something that is really problematic and we need to be taking more evidence-based steps to try to address,” says Marriner.

She adds that the goal is to simply ensure that every sexual assault investigation is complete, meaning the steps that would be taken in any other criminal investigation are taken in these cases as well.

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