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Ottawa's tax rate already a hot topic

Last Updated Dec 7, 2017 at 4:10 pm EDT

Mayor Jim Watson explains the details of the draft 2015 budget, along with City Treasurer Marian Simulik and City Manager Kent Kirkpatrick on February 4, 2015.

OTTAWA — Debate is starting to heat up surrounding the City of Ottawa’s 2018 budget.

Mayor Jim Watson does not want to budge from his promise of a 2% property tax increase.


City Councillors Jeff Leiper and Catherine McKenney argue that even another 0.5% of a property tax increase could help to address some key issues in the city.

But Watson maintains that the city is already spending record amounts on social, police and fire services, as well as arts, culture and road infrastructure.

He adds that council already agreed to have administration come back with a budget that would keep the increase down.

“They voted for this. They were not sort of tied up and told they have to vote for this,” says Watson.

“They voted for it and they understood what they were voting for, I assume, and it was clearly to give direction to staff to keep tax rate at 2%.”


Watson believes the silent majority of Ottawa residents want to see him keep his election promise of a 2% hike.

The budget could be passed as early as December 13.

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