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Councillor wants city budget reopened for police service amid rash of shootings

Last Updated Jan 22, 2018 at 3:59 pm EDT

Police tape is shown in Toronto Tuesday, May 2, 2017. The Justice Department is asking THE CANADIAN PRESS/Graeme Roy

Concerns about how safe Ottawa is were amplified as the number of shootings in the capital climbed to 11 over the weekend, with a spray of bullets on a street in Bells Corrners on early Sunday morning.

Some want more police officers on the streets while others say the gun violence is a broader community issue that needs to be tackled.

On The Rick Gibbons Show, College Ward Councilor Rick Chiarelli says he’s been hearing the concerns from the community and thinks the city should re-open and boost the police budget. “So far, it unfortunately looks like it’s not realistic. It’s not going to provide or even attempt to provide the level of safety our communities need.”

Meantime, Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordeleau says no police chief anywhere would say “no” to more money, but does however emphasized his confidence in the men and women within OPS. Bordeleau is calling on bigger cooperation from witnesses and victims and hopes neighbours talk to officers when something like a shooting happens. “It’s frustrating for our investigators when they go to a call and a victim is shot and they say I have no idea who was involved or who did this. You also have their friends as well who are throwing the same line around.”

Bordeleau says the rash of shootings is connected to a small group of criminals connected to drug trafficking and who he believes are settling scores or intimidating competitors.

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