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Jonathan Pitre to have gallbladder surgery

Jonathan Pitre Photo: Tina Boileau

OTTAWA – Jonathan Pitre is having gallbladder surgery Wednesday.

According to the Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa’s Butterfly Child is having the surgery to relieve persistent fevers and debilitating nausea.

The surgery will be performed at the Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital, where Pitre has undergone two stem cell transplants to ease the pain of his rare skin condition, Epidermolysis bullosa simplex.

According to the paper, the surgery is complicated by Pitre’s condition and it’s hoped doctors can take a non-invasive approach using keyhole incisions and laparoscopic tools to remove the gallbladder, but that might not be possible because Pitre has a swollen liver.

The paper says open surgery is also a possibility, but with Pitre’s skin condition, there are concerns about infection and bleeding.

Pitre, 17, has been having gastrointestinal problems since September and doctors had hoped to manage the condition without surgery, but over the past few weeks, Pitre has been dealing with headaches, fever and nausea.

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