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CHEO is over-capacity, and sending some patients to other cities


Some of Ottawa’s sickest children are being transferred to hospitals out of the city.

The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario had to send away 19 children in February.

Doctor Lindy Samson, Chief of Staff and Chief Medical Officer at CHEO, says that the hospital is at capacity.

“To reassure, we only send kids to other cities after we’ve called in every available nurse, and have opened up more beds than we usually have and really find ourselves with just no more staff we’re able to call in. Because obviously we would really do everything that we could to be able to provide the care that any children need right here in Ottawa.”

“Once we got to that point where we tried all of our other strategies and we didn’t have anymore capacity at that time, that’s when we unfortunately had to send some children to other cities, including Toronto, Montreal, and Kingston,” adds Samson.

Ottawa Public health says that they’ve received 703 reports of the influenza in Ottawa since September 1, 2017.

Out of those 703 reports, 98 cases affected those 19-years-old and under.

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