Redactions heavier on Russian meddling than on obstruction
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Redactions heavier on Russian meddling than on obstruction

This combination of images shows the entire redacted report by special counsel Robert Mueller's released Thursday, April 18, 2019, by special Attorney General William Barr. (Department of Justice via AP)

WASHINGTON — Attorney General William Barr says the special counsel report released Thursday has only “limited redactions,” but that’s only true for part of the document.

An Associated Press analysis of the full report shows that nearly two-thirds of the section on Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election has redactions. That’s 139 pages out of 199.

Only 24 out of 182 pages in the report’s section on President Donald Trump’s possible obstruction are masked.

Altogether, the AP analysis shows that nearly 40% of the report’s 448 pages have redactions.

Across the report’s narrative, blocks of black interrupt parts of Robert Mueller’s account. Most often, the redactions mask a few paragraphs. In a few spots, they stretch for an entire page.

Stephen Braun, The Associated Press

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