India's Election Commission curtails campaign after violence
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India's Election Commission curtails campaign after violence

KOLKATA, India — India’s Election Commission has curtailed election campaigning by a day in the state of West Bengal after several clashes ahead of Sunday’s polls.

In an order Thursday, the three-member body cited “growing incidents of disruption and violence” that were creating a “fear psychosis” among voters as reason for cutting the campaign short.

Normally campaigns run up to 48 hours before polls open, according to Indian law.

Nine parliamentary constituencies vote Sunday in the seventh and last round of India’s staggered, weeks-long elections.

On Tuesday, rival political supporters fought with sticks and rocks during a rally for India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, which is trying to wrest seats from Trinamool Congress, a powerful regional party that currently governs West Bengal.

Violence was also reported in the state during last Sunday’s polls.

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