Judge questions secrecy in Chemours lawsuit against DuPont
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Judge questions secrecy in Chemours lawsuit against DuPont

WILMINGTON, Del. — A Delaware judge is chastising attorneys over secrecy related to a dispute between chemical manufacturer Chemours and DuPont Co., which spun off the company in 2015.

Chemours attorneys filed a sealed complaint May 13 with a cover sheet stating only that it sought relief involving “a spin-off transaction.”

Chemours failed to file a redacted complaint within three days, as court rules require. The redacted version that was filed late is almost entirely blacked out.

A Chemours attorney said Thursday that the secrecy was requested by DuPont. DuPont attorneys say the filing of the lawsuit violates a separation agreement requirement that any dispute between the companies be resolved through arbitration.

The judge said the complaint should be unsealed, but he deferred the immediate unsealing to give attorneys a chance to appeal.

Randall Chase, The Associated Press

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