The roots of why Saskatchewan hates Trudeau
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The roots of why Saskatchewan hates Trudeau

Premier Scott Moe speaks during the 2019 Saskatchewan Party Convention in Regina on Saturday, October 5, 2019. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Michael Bell

In today’s Big Story podcast, in Saskatchewan, voters rank climate change as one of their top election concerns. They also hate Justin Trudeau’s plan to fight it. With a passion. Westerners hating a Trudeau is nothing new of course, but it does give us a chance to delve into what a lot of the country doesn’t understand about the prairies in particular.

How do you lower your carbon footprint when you live a hundred miles from anything? If not carbon pricing…then what could Saskatchewanians actually support? And are any parties besides the Conservatives speaking to their concerns? Why not? Today, our Lay of the Land series visits a province that gets lumped in with Alberta—even though it has its own issues.

GUEST: Stephanie Taylor, Saskatchewan Correspondent, The Canadian Press

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