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2546 Brickland Drive, Cumberland Village, K4C 1R8, CA


I am a local Ottawa artist that runs a small business from home. I create beautiful handmade patchwork quilts. With the onset of the virus since early February business has significantly declined. March has been completely dead with very little virtual foot traffic on my Website. You can use these quilts to style your nursery or home with these artisan handmade patchwork quilts. Drape that lap quilt over a sofa or chair ready for cuddling. Have it ready to curl up with your favorite book. Why not create that unique design for your bedroom around a new unique custom quilt.

Visit my virtual shop and studio on Etsy at Caught‘N Quilts makes unique, bright, colorful handmade Baby Crib and Cuddle quilts for newborns, Single/Twin for toddlers, kids, teens, adults, Lap quilts of various sizes for cuddling and Queen size handmade quilts for sale. The quilts are made from 100 % cotton batting, backing and fabrics. The back of the baby crib and cuddle quilts are made of flannel to make it extra warm and soft. I also provide quilting services for the quilters out there looking to finish off their projects.

The quilt I make are made to be used and are washable in warm water and can be tumble dried on medium in the dryer. Quilts are a perfect, thoughtful gift for any special occasion. Buy a custom or a stock coordinating quilt for your nursery, or recommend it for a friend or family for that special occasion or for a mom or a dad in a nursing home that needs a nice lap quilt to be warm while sitting in their chair.

This quilt is constructed with lightweight, warm and natural cotton fabric, backing and batting that is perfect for year round use. My patchwork quilts are designed to be enjoyed for many years as it develops a much desired time worn persona. All the quilts in my virtual shop are ready to be shipped from my studio direct to your home. Come and visit the Caught’N Quilts virtual store and find a variety of sizes of patchwork quilts in stock. The store is packed with pictures of beautiful inspiring quilts of various sizes ready to ship. Custom orders are accepted, inquires at or at 613-833-1430