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Premium Performance Fitness Centre


114 Merton St, Ottawa, K1Y 1V9, CA


Virtual Personal Training: Whether your goals are sports-driven, injury/health related, weight-loss based, targeted event training or just to increase your current fitness level, being under the supervision of a personal training coach is often the essential element that guarantees your success.

Virtual Program Design: our strength & conditioning coaches will continue to write at-home personalized program design for all members. Each program is tailored to your goals, progress, and available equipment. Our coaches are also available to run through each new program to ensure that you fully understand the sets, reps, tempo, and rests to properly execute the exercises.

Virtual Nutrition Coaching: our certified nutrition coaches are available to support clients during these stressful times. Services range from providing meal plans and nutrition education to mindset coaching and time management skills.

Gift Certificates: Treat yourself or give loved ones the opportunity to become their best self with a support system to lead them through a rewarding and exciting journey.