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Sheperds of Good Hope


233 Murray St, Ottawa, K1N 5M9, CA


Our costs due to COVID-19 are already over $500,000, and we know they will continue to rise. While we expect to receive extra support from the government, we worry it will not be enough to offset these costs. We need to make sure that homeless people in our community are not forgotten during this crisis.

Many generous and thoughtful donors, like you, have called or emailed us asking how you can help. For safety reasons, we are limiting food donations at this time to pre-arranged commercial donations. Right now a monetary donation would be the most effective way to provide food and services to the homeless people in need today. You can make a donation at or email us at

As you may well know, there is a global shortage for medical and personal protective equipment. Shepherds of Good Hope has had to increase our cleaning and protective equipment for staff and volunteers to protect Ottawa’s most vulnerable women and men. We are looking for more personal protective equipment to support our volunteers, staff and community members. We are in dire need of Blue Nitril gloves, facemasks, respirators, gowns, face shields, and disinfectant. If you are able to help support Shepherds of Good Hope by donating these items please connect with a member of our Facilities Services Team. Please contact our Senior Manager of Facilities, Mathew Gibbon by telephone: 613-241-0124 ext. 24 or by email at

We are all Shepherds, and at times like this we have to rely on each other and support each other in order to protect our community. We know many families are struggling, but if you are able, our community’s homeless need you now more than ever.