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Tag Along Toys


1500 Bank St (Blue Heron Mall), Ottawa, K1H 7Z2, CA


Tag Along Toys is located in the Blue Heron Mall 1500 Bank st Ottawa South.
Check out our Facebook page or Website.

We have uploaded pictures of nearly the entire store on Facebook.
We carry Toys, Games, Science, Crafts, Bubbles, Sidewalk Chalk, Jelly Cat Bunnies and so much more. From Birth to Adults.
If you see items on our Facebook page or Website message or call us 613-738-8697. We can fulfill your order by phone, Facebook or email.
Need Gifts or items to keep your children busy while home.
Give us an age or a budget we can do the rest.
Contact us anytime and we will get right back to you with photos & descriptions and can set up non contact pick up.