OTTAWA, ON – The city of Ottawa has finalized their agreement with Plasco, the company that will be turning the city’s garbage into energy.

Chair of the City’s Environment Committee, Coun. Maria McRae, said she’s looking forward to Plasco building the commercial facility.

The agreement was finalized Saturday after the two sides spent the last year negotiating.  The 20-year $180 million dollar contract will see Plasco use their technology to super-heat the waste, creating a synthetic gas which powers electricity generators.  

Plasco will accept 300 tonnes of garbage daily, or 109,500 tonnes annually in exchange for $9-million a year of taxpayer money.

The contract can be extended by the City for and additional four, 5-year contracts once the agreement reaches its maturity 20-years from now.

“The City took rigorous steps to protect the interest of taxpayers when negotiating this contract. I am looking forward to Plasco building the commercial facility,” said McRae.

The Plasco waste facility will be built at 3704 Moodie Drive at Trail Road.