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Eagle snatches baby video a fake

There’s a disturbing video involving a baby on Youtube, that has been confirmed as a fake.

A statement from Centre NAD, a new media training centre in Montreal, claims that the video was made by three students as part of their 3D animation and digital design program.

The production simulation workshop class has been known to produce other hoaxes, inclulding a video that featured a penguin escaping from the Montreal Biodome.

In the video, a golden Eagle is spotted swooping down and grabbing a baby in a Montreal park. The baby is okay, but is left crying at the end of the video.

Many Youtube commenter’s say the video is clearly not real, with one man commenting that he has been working in the digital field for 15 years, and that the eagle swoop is clearly Computer-generated imagery.

Judge for yourself!

Watch the video here:

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